Barbell Club

FB_IMG_1464138928963 Midtown Barbell Club is a group of athletes who love the snatch, clean and jerk…. Olympic lifts…hours of hard work and dedication to being the best. We lift together day in and day out creating a unique synergy that keeps us invigorated to push past our comfort levels and break records. we focus on helping each other become the best versions of themselves inside and outside the gym. This group accountability and family like atmosphere is a huge contributor to each athlete, giving them a reason to come and train when they may be fatigued or when life shows up with a challenge..its an awesome place to come together and focus on being the best through discipline, determination, dedication and desire.IMG_0858

We welcome all those who love to Snatch,Clean and Jerk-and those who would love to learn!


For more info regarding the Barbell Club, call Camilo Gutierrez at 916 599 5877 and follow us on Facebook~Midtown Barbell Club