Strength & Conditioning

Our strength and conditioning program is made up of movements that prepare you most for daily life. Our program gives you a better overall fitness so you can have an increased capability of a broader range of movements and activities. You will see ten standards of your overall physical ability improve: Cardio/Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Agility, Balance, Speed, Power, Flexibility, Coordination and Accuracy.

Strength is the core concept of what we do. We flip tires, press kettle bells, throw sandbags swing sledgehammers. We are not afraid to squat, lunge or dead lift. Many of our conditioning/endurance workouts utilize bodyweight only. And our group training and personal training workouts never exceed one hour. In fact, The Sacramento Bee called us “Sacramento’s no-nonsense gym.”

You want to get stronger? You want to look better? Strength classes are the best way to get where you want to be. All of our strength classes begin with ten minutes of stretching and mobility work. Forget about what you thought about fitness. You might squat, snatch or clean and jerk, take a run, or row a few kilometers. Get ready to work with some of the best humans in the world. These classes are not for lazy people. Our strength programs focus on different muscle groups on certain days of the week.
On Mondays we focus on pulling movements and specifically towards strength gains. The primary movement is the deadlift, cycled in six week intervals. Deadlifting is the premier way to strengthen the core and is also the best way to pack on muscle; never forgetting overall functional fitness. This class is also enhanced by full body Olympic and Power movements. You will learn the correct pull at each “stage” of all of the lifts. We utilize barbells, kettle bells, sleds, and your mind.
Our Wednesday classes are all about push movements. You’ll build upper body strength and your lats will be jacked. Look for a lot of bench press and overhead press movements, clean and jerks, and a lot of time with barbells, kettle bells, sleds, and most anything else that gets your upper body stronger.
Friday classes favor squatting movements. It’s leg day. Never skip leg day. Have you heard the saying, “The lower the squat, the higher the butt?” Try any of our Friday classes and you will squat. Front, Back, Bulgarian or Romanian, your butt will get better here. We use barbells, kettle bells, dumbbells and anything else we can find to lift your booty.

You can look forward to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). If you don’t have a jump rope, we got one for you. Our gym is fully equipped with all the turf, sleds, prowlers and kettle bells you will need to get your cardio on. FYI, these are the hardest classes on our schedule! Conditioning just got serious here. We say, “Talk less, work more.”

For more info regarding Strength & Conditiong, call Camilo Gutierrez at 916 599 5877