“When I started at Midtown I had gotten totally out of shape and out of sorts and now I feel better and stronger than I ever have. I’ve learned so much, gotten back to my old self, and the strength I gained in the gym has helped me make other life changes for the better. I’m totally not a mushy person at all, but it has truly meant a lot to me to be part of your gym.”~Erica Bishop, Weightlifting/Barbell Club

“This is my new second home off the football field ., great people great environment , great music,and great workouts . Make your dreams reality here and join the family”~Q~Quiani McGhee, Student Athlete Sac State RB, Strength and Conditioning

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~RACHEL MARSHALL, crossfit athlete/strength and conditioning

Your goals coming into Midtown: My coworker Marie had been trying to get me to go for over 3 months and when I finally came to Midtown I was not myself. I was very timid and scared with no knowledge of what was to come before I walked into the door. I had hit a Plato at 170 and had been stuck there for 6 months. I was doing lots and lots of cardio. I wanted more variety in my workout to keep myself motivated, better balance & coordination, endurance, and a lower body fat %.
Total weight loss:257 to 160. I have lost 97 pounds in 1 year 10 months. My BMI has gone down from 33.6 to 18.1. Just since March my BMI went from 23.6 to 18.1. I only lost 2 pounds in those three months during the 90 day challenge but I lost 10 pounds of fat and gained muscle mass. I was obsessed with getting on the scale every day and then when I found this out and I threw the scale away. I actually have a sign in my bathroom that says “things are smaller than what you see in the mirror”.


Describe the picture:This picture really put my weight into perceptive both at the time it was taken at my heaviest and then again for my progress photo. Same dress, same person, with a totally different outlook on living a healthy and happy life. It truly is a lifestyle change. I have never been a healthy weight like I am now since I was 12 years old. Keeping this weight off and continuously growing as a personal in all aspects of my life is what I see when I look at these pictures.
How has coming to Midtown effected you?
I don’t even know where to beginning. I was stuck and unmotivated. I came to Midtown and threw myself right in. I never said I can’t, I said I will, one day. My coordination even to step up on a small box was terrible. Now I can jump a 24” box no problem. My overall physical, mental, and spiritual well-being has drastically changed. Physically, I was pre-diabetic and had actually had gestational diabetes while pregnant. On top of that I had chronic abdominal pain due to a fatty liver. I now have the energy I have always wanted. At work, people have seen my body transform and are inspired to better themselves into a healthy lifestyle. It’s always great seeing the people around you strive to better themselves, in any aspect of their lives. Even my two year old loves Midtown. Last week she cried when we had to leave. I can carry her and like 5 bags of groceries no problem.